Our Projects

  • JADE

    Endoscopic Image Processing & Reporting SystemHealthcare Software Applications

    New Patient Entry * Patient Archive * Add/Edit Reporting Doctor * Add/Edit Referring Doctor Entry * Add/Edit Medication Template * Add/Edit Observation Template * Image and Video Capture * Image Edit * Report Preparation and Print * CD/DVD Burn

    Video and Image Capturing Facility * 2 different standard reporting layouts(4 & 6 images) * Boundless Image storage * Quick Data Entry Capability * Enhanced efficiency with easy operating steps and easy-to-learn user interface * Open connectivity with any imaging devices like Endoscopy, CT, CR, USG, MRI, Dental, etc * Strong Security and Access Control * Real-life and widely-accepted report formats (templates used for writing observations) are bundled * All standard text formatting options are available for writing observations * Image Correction and Editing * CD/DVD Burn in 2 easy steps without need of any 3rd party software

    Crystal Report ,Microsoft .Net ,Oracle Database